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Investment Banking
George + Company provides a comprehensive set of investment banking services that span many industry sectors, and geographic regions.  Each offering is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of each individual client
Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers and Acquisitions
Sell-Side Advisory / Divestiture
  • Focused,Strategic, and Efficient Approach

  • Client Can Focus on Core Business  

  • In-Depth Experience and Knowledge of Multiple Sectors

  • Global Platform to Divest Company or Assets

George + Company uses its expertise to provide a focused and strategic approach to a company sale or divestiture.  We work closely with the client to identify goals and objectives for the process, and then develop the right plan to execute the transactions accordingly.  George + Company manages the entire process from start to finish to ensure the process is efficient and minimizes disruptions to the client. Our senior professionals work very closely with the client to manage all aspects of the transaction execution from the initial pitch to prospective financial sponsors and strategic acquirers to successful negotiation and closing of the deal. 


Working with George + Company to divest your company or assets gives the client access to a global platform that spans many different industry sectors.  We leverage senior advisors and partners, who are proven industry leaders, to expand both the industrial and global reach.  


George + Company’s focused approach on the transaction allows the client to continue focusing on the core business while we manage the process from start to finish and unlock significant value for the shareholders .

Buy - Side Advisory / Acquisitions
  • In-Depth Experience and Knowledge of Focus Sectors/Markets

  • Custom Tailored Strategy for Each Client

  • Proven Process that Increases Growth and Shareholder Value


George + Company uses its in-depth experience and knowledge of our sectors and markets of focus to help clients make acquisitions.  We work closely with the client to develop an acquisition strategy that fits their goals and objectives for expanding their business, product offerings, or geographic reach.  When executed properly, with a proven process, acquisitions can drive growth and shareholder value by expanding product/service offerings, industry coverage, and geographic presence.  Well defined clear objectives and a thorough due diligence process will produce successful acquisitions with upside value and protect the business against downside risk.


Partnering with George + Company to develop an acquisition strategy and identify targets allows clients to continue focusing on their core business.  We carry out the goals and objectives of the client by looking on a global scale and across many different industries to identify potential target acquisitions. 

Strategic Advisory

George + Company provides middle-market companies in a wide variety of industries and geographic regions strategic advisory support.  Our services help companies to change or improve strategic direction and also operational improvements if necessary.  Our principals and senior advisors are seasoned executives that come from a variety of background and experiences, that are a valuable asset in transforming businesses.  George + Company can work with companies to develop new growth strategies for marketing, sales, technological, and operational strategies to improve profitability and growth.  Strategic Advisory can be provided as a standalone service or also as a pre-cursor to divesting the business or preparing the infrastructure for acquisitions.  

In addition to on-going strategic advisory, George + Company can provide specific transactional and post-transactional support.  Working with leading industry partners, we can provide due diligence, post-merger integration, and supply chain solutions.  

Strategic Advisory
Capital Raising
Capital Raising

George + Company works with financial sponsors and investment vehicles to help clients raise equity or debt funding for both majority and minority investments

Equity Capital Advisory
Growth Capital and PE Buyouts

George + Company can assist middle -market companies who are interested in partnering with financial sponsors to further grow their business or exit their companies.  We have access to a vast network of Private Equity firms and other investment vehicles focused on many different industry sectors and geographic regions who can facilitate such investments.  George + Company will work with clients to identify the right partner who will not only provide capital but also strategic and operational guidance.  

Debt Capital Advisory

George + Company also has a network of commerical lenders and debt capital providers.  Clients interested in retaining control of their business but need the infusion of capital to continue growing can look to debt capital.    

Debt Capital Advisory
Venture Capital

George + Company also has a unique approach to dealing with startup and early-stage companies.  Very often founders are too bogged down with running day-to-day operations and getting their ideas out the door that they cannot manage the capital raising process. George+ Company works with these companies to help them find the right venture capital to help them take the next step in their growth.  

Venture Capital
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